French uproar against No Stop initiated by Bruno Camozzi

A rare tribute to my non-Scandinavian readers: English version!

Dave Willoughby left the FIM Trials Committee last Autumn, a consequence of the process that led to FIM introducing No Stop in all international championships under its governance.
This year, as each national federation must take a stand, there is a French parallel:
Bruno Camozzi,highly renowned and respected, has thrown in the towel and withdrawn from his position. The pilots» representative in the French Trial Commission of the Fédération Française de Motocyclisme, he left the annual congress in anger after the commission unexpectedly approved No Stop- rules to be used in the French Championship 2014.

Though resigning in disgust, Bruno has by no means given up his case: With a high temper and passion he has written his account of what happened, and what he makes of it. Concluding that this is not democracy, but scheming and intrigues unworthy of the sport he passionately loves, he has set up petitions demanding that the Trial Commission resigns, and another demanding  the decision on No Stop to be revoked.  The latter has been signed by more than a thousand readers, not bad for a country with 2500 licensed riders!

Camozzi on «Who’s the Boss?» (French original)                    English translation
Camozzi gives his account of what happened ( French)          English translation

(Somewhat freely translated from French by Sara Hemmer, regrettably not fluent in either language 🙂  Improvements welcome. )